My work...

is informed by a peripatetic teaching career that included service as a Peace Corps volunteer in Papua New Guinea, co-founding a South Bronx middle school and, for the past twenty years, spreading my love of Italian.

My home is South Berkshire County, Massachusetts, where I was born and raised and where I'm building a business teaching Italian language and cooking, as well as storytelling. I also organize and emcee live storytelling events around the region, and am available in a freelance capacity for this curation.

As a writer and freelance journalist my wide-ranging interests include education reform, the legalization of cannabis, income inequality, creative writing, and Christianity.

Clarity, my Substack newsletter, is the place to find my essays, humor pieces, and storytelling pointers and observations.

I've been a regular contributor to The Berkshire Edge since 2014 and serve on the board of  Flying Deer Nature Center.